The Easter (Food) Marathon

This week my aim was to include a little about food, and to tell you how my (ahem) athlete’s diet was coming along. Today I realised I have absolutely nothing to tell you except that its going no where. Absolutely nowhere. Because whereas with the running aspect to things, coming home was the best way to start training, as I had a lot more free time/wanted a distraction from the work I was meant to be doing for the summer term, all attempts to change my diet have come to no avail (if you can call it any sort of attempt) because of being home. Food being cooked for you constantly is hard to turn down, and alas I had no intention of doing so.

The biggest obstacle faced: granny food. You see, I am blessed with a grandmother whose sole mission in life is to fatten me up. She has been trying for years, literally since I lost my baby fat (circa 2002), and she has at least succeeded in helping me to evolve from pickiest eater alive to a complete foodie. The issue I found this Easter break was attempting to turn down her offer of lunch – I couldn’t do it.


We’ve been having a daily little battle, where she’ll invite me over for lunch, I’ll say I was cooking something for myself, and then she’d come back with the dreaded ‘Oooh but I’ve made your favourite…’ Turns out I have a lot of favourites! Saying no to my Mama Aida’s dishes (and just Mama Aida generally) is pretty impossible, so I accepted defeat most days, devouring potaje, torta de patata, rosto, calabacínes rellenos, fried fish, carne en salsa and not forgetting the chips to wipe up the sauce (and dip into the fried egg[s]).

For those of you who have not had any of these Gibraltarian home cooked classics, and cannot appreciate the deliciousness, all you need to know is they are some of the yummiest, though I wouldn’t say healthiest, dishes, and my faves! Topping it off with weekly supplies of Nutella donuts and milojas (from the local bakery), I’ve feebly been picking up a piece of fruit (‘It’s healthy Molly!’) to make it seem like I wasn’t feasting on a daily basis. The food kept rolling in, and I just could not stop it.

On the subject of those sweet treats – Easter weekend was just as yummy. So here’s a few snaps of some of the sweet treats I devoured and helped to bake. I promise I’ll try harder as I go along. Not going to lie though, I have no regrets…

IMG_5695 IMG_5701

On a side note this week I ran my first 10km in just over an hour. For those who don’t know, 10km is an entire loop around the Rock of Gibraltar, and basically covers the entirety of the country. So I decided instead of saying I ran my first 10km (which is a BIG deal in my book) I’m going to make it even more impressive and say I ran round a country. Now if that’s not an achievement, I don’t know what is. I think I might even skip the marathon. Can’t top this. I’m done.

Molly xx

P.S. Here’s the link to my Just Giving page just in case anyone’s got a few pennies to spare for my fundraising for Worldwide Cancer Research! XXXX


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