Back to the jogging, back to the blogging!

After a (unexpectedly long) hiatus I am back to my running and, along with this, to my little diary of my marathon preparations. After exam preparations, post-exam celebrations, a couple of weeks travelling (and a few unjustifiable lazy weeks in between) I can finally stop avoiding the guilt trip of writing this weekly post, without having a single jog to my name! It became so so so easy to avoid the jogging as the weeks hurried along, that suddenly there’s just over 80 days to go, and a 6 km run is still a massive struggle. Woops.

My wake up call was when I casually reconnected to my running app for the first time in over a month, and got a notification informing me I was expected to complete a 16km jog in the morning. Double woops.

So after the denial stage wore off, this week I got back to it, and struggled through depressingly short (though, in my defence, super hilly) runs. Everyone kept telling me, ‘Naaaa, you’ll be fine after so long off, you’ve got muscle memory on your side’. Well I’m pretty sure my muscles have forgotten who I am altogether, and they’re just wondering why I’m putting them through this, as the only exercise I have been doing has been an on-going eating marathon of Europe. Yes, the munchies have continued, and the marathon food plan is non-existent. Woops, woops, woops.

Luckily the running is back on track (shout out to my running partner/alarm clock, Meggie), or getting there, so I’ll stop the complaining and keep the run updates coming over the next 11 weeks (eeek!).


P.S. (Just one more complaint) Did I mention the heat? So the week I decide to get back to my training a heat wave decides to ensue, and 38-degree heights were reached. Even the early morning sea breeze was compromised, and replaced by the stickiest weather ever. The struggle is real. At least I’m back to these views though!



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