The Final Countdown

We’re in Amsterdam and tomorrow is the day – the weekend has suddenly crept up on us and it’s finally time to run. Saying I have the marathon jitters is an extreme understatement – I am positively terrified. As part of my prep this week (apart from trying to remember on a daily basis what on earth drove me to the decision to take on this challenge), I’ve been tweaking and adding to my marathon playlist. I’ve tried and tested all those ready made running playlists, but found I just have to run to songs that remind me of something, or distract me in some way, rather than your standard pumped up, heavy bass stuff. My friend who ran a marathon a couple of years ago gave me the idea of requesting song suggestions from family, friends and donatees, that way I’d have a varied and crazy collection of songs which remind me of the people I love and some fun (non-painful) memories. I’m hoping beyond hope that this will be the much needed key and motivation to the elusive finish line, and I will be completely preoccupied by amazingly happy thoughts, and unaware of the debilitating effects 42km will be having on my body. Here’s hoping. 

So I set my fam and friends the challenge of creating the best playlist ever (which they said was more fun than listening to me ramble on about the marathon some more) and they have not disappointed. I don’t think I could have ever combined more ridiculous, cheesy, uplifting and straight up gangster tunes without their help, and I cannot thank them for their help enough. So here’s my pick of some of my absolute favourites: 

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen

This is one of seventeen Bruce songs I’ve amounted on my playlist, and they all serve their own purpose, some story-telling to distract me, some long instrumentals to break up the songs, but mostly I’ve included him because he’s got lyrics like “baby you were born to run”. If Bruce says so it must be true. This one was a Dad suggestion.


El Taxi – Osmani Garcia ft. Pitbull 

This, I kid you not, was what some described as the song of the summer (in Spain). It’s ridiculous, inappropriate, and it will make me laugh out loud when it pops up during my run just thinking about the video (which I recommend to all who have not had the pleasure of watching it yet)(
Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself – Jess Glynne

For the “Don’t worry, you’re doing great! A crawl is still progress” moments. Justifying the skipped runs, the food and drink overindulgence and the general lazy weeks when I forgot about the looming 42km. Just as a gentle reminder that I am doing fab (even when I’m not!). Thanks Mum!!

Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Iconic, *I will make it to the top of the stairs* mentality. Finding my inner Stalone.


Empire State of Mind – Jay Z ft. Alicia Keyes 

All the advice I’ve amassed has basically returned to one thing – mental strength wins everytime. So this empire state of mind is what I am going to be striving for, especially at the 21km point, where I’ll be half way done, but still left with 21 painful kilometres to come. No biggie. Also, I couldn’t not have a little King Jay on here. 

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Dixie Chicks 

One of my favourite suggestions, and favourite songs. Though Amsterdam is one of the flattest courses (thank God), it’s definitely going to feel like a mountain. Also, the cutest, happiest scene in Step Mom will hopefully come to mind, as it’s one of my favourite scenes from any movie!


Bring it all back – S Club 7

It includes the cheesiest line of the playlist (“don’t stop never give up, hold your head high and reach the top” for all you guys who didn’t have the pleasure of a S Club childhood), but this was a must inclusion.

Run The World (Girls) – Beyoncé 

Beyoncé features pretty frequently, and will be with me along the entire way! The collection includes old school Survivor from the Destiny’s Child golden era all the way up to her newest single, Runnin’ which is there to remind me what I’m doing (just in case I forget). My running buddy’s suggested this girl power anthem though. We’ll (hopefully) be jamming along to this across the finish line, all smiles (definite tears) and a whole lot of relief. 



So wish me luck, and finally I’ll stop moaning about all this, and I will not be running again for a long, long, long, long time. Fingers crossed I get to the end without dying/weeing/crying/chafing/blistering/cramping/falling. See you on the flip side!! 


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