Rainy Days

Last week I returned home, to Gibraltar, for the Easter break. I’d decided that Easter would see the start of seriously getting down to training, as the sunny climate, scenic vistas and food being cooked for me/washing being done for me/general luxuries of not being in a student house would be the perrrrrrfect environment to get me running. But honestly, the weather was definitely the thing I was looking forward to most, after venturing out on a couple of zero degree morning runs in York (NOT fun), the (heat-emitting) sun of home was a motivating factor in my idealised imaginings of brisk and jolly jogging.

Wrong. After two bumpy and blustery attempts at landing in Gib, my plane made a beeline for Malaga airport, and I soon realised my sun-drenched Easter training regime would not be transpiring as planned. Drenched, definitely, but sun-drenched was going to have to be put on the backburner. After finding out that the rain would be staying put for the rest of the week, putting off the morning jog was becoming more and more appealing.

Unfortunately, my alarm snoozing techniques were swiftly shut down, as sharing a room with my sister meant that, if an alarm was going off, we were going running. My first week of training, which I was keen to skive off at the first sight of grey clouds, was resurrected by her dragging me out of bed at 6am almost every morning.

IMG_5634And here are five (pretty obvious) things my first week of training taught me:

Fancy running Apps are seriously motivating. I downloaded the Nike Running + App and having a look through your stats and getting a (personal, obvs) voice message from Paula Radcliffe congratulating you on your first run made the training slightly less boring, and gave me a little buzz. [DISCLAIMER: When you realise your total distance covered over your first seven runs (over eight days) doesn’t even come close to the 42km mark, you might just want to cry].

The sound of your own heavy breathing (a la Darth Vader) is seriously demotivating. When it starts to sound like you’re going to cough up a lung, the urge to stop is soooooo tempting.

Hills are your enemy. To get to those scenic vistas I was talking about before, at least where I’m from, you usually need to go up the Rock. Going up the Rock is not ideal, and by not ideal I mean I genuinely thought I was going to collapse at the top of the first hill. Note to self: hills are not fun and the views did not feel worth it (especially as it was way too cloudy/misty to see a thing!!!).

The elements are your enemy. I know I keep going on about the weather, but honestly, wind, rain (and puddles) are the worst.

After you know how good the post-jog feeling is, it gets a little easier to get out of bed!

Until next time,

Molly xx


And so it begins..

Almost exactly half way through my three-year degree at the University of York, the lure of a trip to Amsterdam and a whole lot of drunken encouragements and egging on from friends convinced me to sign up to run a the Amsterdam Marathon this October. Cause yeah, why not? No biggie, just a marathon, and a cheap trip to Amsterdam? Cool, yeah why not, it’s only twenty-six miles of non-stop running and pain. No biggie indeed. If you can’t already tell, the enormity of this pretty spur of the moment, exciting prospect and decision has finally dawned on me – in exactly seven months, along with sixty other York students and the Choose a Challenge team, I am going to be running for a very long time.

The only good thing about that sentence is the ‘seven month’ bit. What I’ve got is plenty of time until D-day, and I intend to use it pretty wisely, with you as my witness (and my guilty conscience when I need a kick start!). I’m going to be documenting (and moaning) for the next few months for all those who care to read about it, all about my attempts to shorten that running time frame. From early morning runs/crawls, to my attempts to eat like an athlete (HAH!) and my efforts to raise £1,100 for the amazing charity, Worldwide Cancer Research, you’re going to hear about it all. So prepare for dramatic (hung-over) jogging escapades, early morning alarm woes and culinary catastrophes (not to mention a whole load of cheat meal confessions).

So, if nothing else, i hope you enjoy hearing me vent!

Love Molly xxxx

P.S. Here’s the link to my Just Giving page in case any of you generous, lovely people would like to donate to Worldwide Cancer Research!